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Let’s forget about treating only your symptoms with a lifetime of pharmacological drugs. Let’s find out what’s not working the way it should in your body through testing, & restore it to normal functioning using natural treatments.


I’m Tom Johnson MD, FDN-P

I have been working as a medical doctor for 40 years. I have been studying and practicing natural and functional medicine since 2007. Natural & functional medicine is the road back to health, & that is what I am offering you as a Certified FDN Practitioner.


Diabetes – Type 2 – Gone

Hilda, age 97. April 7, 2020. My type 2 diabetes was first diagnosed in 1985. I was started on a drug for diabetes called metformin in approximately 1995. My diabetes was monitored with blood tests and the metformin seemed to bring it under control. However, after a few years on metformin, I was advised that my diabetes was no longer well controlled on metformin. My doctor advised me to start a second medication for diabetes called glyburide (in addition to metformin). After I had been on those 2 medications for many years, Dr. Johnson discussed with me a different approach to diabetes. He said if I kept taking these medications, my diabetes would never be cured, I would likely need even more medications in the future, & I would likely suffer from many of the well known complications of diabetes. In 2008, Dr. Johnson asked me to try a supplement that might help my diabetes. I agreed and started it right away.

Within 1 year, I was able to completely stop my diabetes medication and testing showed no sign of diabetes anymore. Today, over 10 years later, I remain on no diabetes medication.

I continue taking the same supplement but at a very low dose.

Carol Petersen, Pharmacist specializing in Bioidentical Hormones

I have known Dr. Tom Johnson since he came to help and study with my husband Dr. Donn Gaudin at the Canadian Centre for Integrated Health Studies.  I, personally, have specialized in bioidentical hormone therapies for 26 years as a pharmacist working with Women’s International Pharmacy.  In that capacity I was able to learn from the experts throughout that world and write extensively about integrative medicine.  Sharing the knowledge and helping people learn how to help themselves has been my joy.

I recognize in Dr. Tom a kindred spirit.  He shares my love for seeking out the truth and finding the real teachers and healers on the planet.  I recognize that he also delights in sharing the learnings he has gathered throughout his life.  I know him to be a kind, humble man.  He has a great intellect but even better he never stops his quest and he never stops the learning.  He embodies the true sense of the word “doctor” as teacher. 

I am proud to know Dr. Tom and share that I believe him to be the “real deal”.

Sloan - age 2 1/2 - Chronic infections

We were new parents when we first brought our baby girl, Sloan, to see Dr. Johnson. She had recently began daycare, and was constantly sick with acute and persistent ear infections and strep throat. We had seen several other doctors, and were prescribed multiple different kinds of antibiotics. It would go away, but it would always return.  Her breathing was laboured, so she had trouble sleeping, and was visibly exhausted. The other doctors recommended aggressive treatment like removing Sloan’s adenoids and tonsils.

Enter, Dr. Johnson. He took the time to listen carefully to every detail of our daughter’s health. Once he had the whole picture, he offered us a natural approach. He explained to us in plain language what was happening internally that was manifesting in these infections. He gave us solutions that we had never heard from countless professionals before.

Fast forward a year later, and what a difference! With Dr. Johnson’s care, Sloan rarely gets even the odd cold. She sleeps through the night without fail, and is a happy, healthy little girl.

When it comes to treating the most important person in our lives, we can’t imagine going to another doctor. We recommend Dr. Johnson fully, and without hesitation for every member of your family.

Thank you, Dr. Johnson!

“I do not take a testimonial lightly. I witnessed Tom Johnson’s struggle with cancer for several years and the reality was his prognosis was grim, I can only imagine his frustration as a doctor he could do little to help himself and I am sure those that were like himself. I was just his barber and witness to his miraculous recovery. Tom Johnson not only survived, he went on to help others. I cannot give testimonial to others but I can give my own. I suffered from — I am not sure but I could not walk more that thirty feet without pain. He ordered me, and i do mean ordered me to attend his office for blood analysis. Now, I would like those that are reading this to value Tom Johnson’s commitment, he not only did a full analysis of my problem, he showed up with a diagram and made it simple even for a barber to understand. I am seventy three years old and retired now and can walk where I like.

Would I trust Dr Tom Johnson with my life, Hell yes.

Paul Trevellick

Barber, Peripheral arterial disease

As I went through law school, I found myself constantly getting sick. Most winters, I would get strep throat at least six times a season. My doctor prescribed antibiotics of increasing strengths each time to no avail.
One evening, a bad fever had me walk out of a final exam part way through, and drive straight to the walk-in clinic, where I met Dr. Johnson. He didn’t just treat my symptoms and send me on my way, he listened and identified a set of symptoms and a pattern of infection that was indicative of an underlying vitamin D shortage. He ordered a blood test, and sure enough, my levels were quite low. That was 2018, and the last prescription of antibiotics I’ve gotten since.

I have been on a regular course of vitamin D supplements for around 18 months, and I can’t believe the difference! Not only did I not get strep this winter, I have substantially more energy. It seems hard to believe that there was such a simple solution to my health issues, but I’m thankful that Dr. Johnson took the time to look at things a different way. 

Thank you, Dr. Johnson!

Catherine J. Ruta


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